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Health & Diet Products


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Smart for Life

” The Smart for Life Weight Loss Program is Designed to Work With Your Body’s Natural Ability to Lose Weight.” Dr. Sass Moulavi

“Smart for Life sees a worldwide trend to obesity in the family unit and have started their medical clinics in the US and Canada to indoctrinate correct methods of change in the eating habits of the adults as well as the children. The doctor’s clinics have made a tremendous impact in the communities. This is a one stop place, where they are first physically assessed and then can buy the specific foods that will help them lose weight under a doctor’s watchful eye.”

Smart for Life won multiple awards for the excellence of their products as well as the quality of their facilities.

  •  Smart For Life named Manufacturer of the Year 2013
  •  Smart for Life received philanthropic award from the Unicorn Children’s Foundation


  • High protein energy bars
  • Appetite Suppressant cookies with fiber
  • Water enhancing Appetite Suppressant drops
  • Fortified beverages

CCI, Contact Consultant International, is working towards opening new markets in Europe, South-East Asia, Russia and South America for Smart for Life

We have different ways of opening new markets:

  • Exportation and distribution of their products
  • Promotion and sale of their philosophy and methods for clinical weight loss
  • Finding private investors or governments to own and to reproduce their infrastructures of private clinics.
  • Finding private investors to manufacture their products.

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