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Rex Skin Care

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Rex Skin Care is a luxury line of men’s grooming products developed in conjunction with leading medical specialists in USA.



Luxury men's skin care products
Luxury men’s skin care products

Elite Box Collection
Elite Box Collection


Awards & Recognition

  • Rex Skin Care is selected as being the “Best Grooming Products for the Groom” by

Our understanding of the direction of the CEO of Rex Men’s Skin Care’s vision was to introduce them to the luxury market in South East Asia.

CCI brought Rex Skin Care to the forefront of Malaysia and South-East Asia by giving Rex Skin Care an opportunity to sponsor the famous Petronas F1 Grand Prix Gala.

  • Sponsorship at the F1 Gala Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Logo on the step and repeat of the F1
  • Interview time on the Red Carpet for all media
  • Official press conference for the F1
  • CCI provided in depth coverage to Rex Skin Care through articles in a variety of prestigious magazines, newspapers as well as TV interviews.
  • VIP tickets to the F1 race
  • Introduction to perspective retailers in South East Asia market
  • CCI, through their contacts, opened doors to major department stores.
  • Sponsorship of the Mar-a-Lago Gala Noche Caliente Tropical
  • Our plan is to continue our efforts for the expansion of Rex Skin Care’s market in Malaysia and other countries.


“Teaming up with CCI was one of the best decisions our company has ever made. CCI’s formula for our introduction into the South East Asian market was effective and their fee was worth every penny spent.” -COO Rex Skin Care

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