Charge@ Smart Solar Bench

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FUNCTIONALITY, INDIVIDUALITY AND INNOVATION COMBINED The Charge@ Smart Bench unites the pure functionality of a bench with the requirements of the modern age. Variable surface design allows us to adapt the Charge@ Smart Bench to individual wishes. Elegant, timeless and variable design through individual surface coating service-friendly through innovative design. Versatile and varied by smart modular concept. Use the Charge@ Smart Bench as an advertising medium to activate sponsors, with the optional side LED screens.


Large, high-performance solar modules across the entire seating area of ​​the bank, always provide the long-lasting AGM batteries with sufficient solar energy. The generous battery capacity and the optimized self-consumption ensure the functionality of the Charge@ Smart Bench even in bad weather conditions. Thus, the benefit of the Charge@ Smart Bench remains even on rainy days.

The integrated ventilation system reliably prevents the seating surface from overheating on hot days in summer and in direct sunlight, thus protecting the technology of the Charge@ Smart Bench.


The Charge@ Smart Bench  can be installed completely independently anytime , anywhere. The firm anchoring of the seat in the ground protects the Charge@ Smart Bench from being stolen. Durable, sturdy and vandal-resistant materials (steel -optim stainless steel, Plexiglas, etc.) get in the long run the noble design of the bank.

Modern and efficient LED light provides an additional highlight at dusk and the illuminated USB ports facilitate use at night.

  • Indirect lighting ensures atmosphere & increased sense of security
  • High quality materials ensure a lasting noble design
  • Easier use at night thanks to illuminated USB ports



Simply search for a sunlit place for the optimal functionality of the Charge@ Smart Bench and offer your citizens the possibility to recharge their mobile devices sustainably with the help of solar energy. To bridge waiting times you set up a free Wi-Fi hotspot easily and conveniently.


The dimensions of the bench are:

• Height – 20 inches

• Width – 18 inches

• Length – 70 inches

• Weight – 165 pounds

The dimensions of the bench resemble in all respects those of the street benches that are found today in public spaces, parks or railway stations. Allows up to four (4) people to sit on the bench easily. The height of the bench is designed to improve comfort, reduce the need for a back support and thus allow better solar charging.

How is the bench installed?

First, we need a solid foundation such as concrete, asphalt or stone without cables or pipes. Then two holes are drilled in the ground and pegs are inserted.The bolts are then inserted inside the bench and screwed into place. The mobile Internet SIM card is then inserted into the Internet USB key and the bench is locked, which ensures that the bolts and internal electronics can not be tampered with.

OPTIONS (not included)

HotSpot Wifi
LCD Screens
Logo on LED
Color Wrapping

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